Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wednesday the 27th - the last day of work ......

wednesday night - chino high school teachers! Posted by Picasa

chiba sensei and okuhara sensei  Posted by Picasa

a bit better  Posted by Picasa

bad timing ....  Posted by Picasa

wednesday after the speech - jumping with the ni-nensei's  Posted by Picasa

Wedenesday morning - the last class ever ( boo hoo! )  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

the past 7 days

sadly no photos from my last tea ceremony class on thursday night - I got a million gifts from Eiko and Hiroto sensei too.... so beautiful!
another sad thing is that for some reason blogger is weirdly formatting - when I try to title some photos ' tuesday' or ' saturday night' it doesn't put it where i want it to go, but somewhere else several photos down. Therefore its a bit hard to tell when what was. But that is more realistic anyway since thats how it feels for me too.....

Tuesday night

yoshie and momose sensei Posted by Picasa

Fujimi's goodbye party - the principal, the vice principal, and iguchi sensei Posted by Picasa

the principal, the vice principal and iguchi sensei ( still the jump master)  Posted by Picasa

2  Posted by Picasa

fujimi farewell party  Posted by Picasa

iguchi sensei - jump master  Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Tuesday afternoon

kimiko akane and kachan Posted by Picasa

kachan and I take a leap  Posted by Picasa

me and akane's baby Posted by Picasa

akane's baby! adorable!  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday morning

serious students make pancakes Posted by Picasa

malani showed up just in time Posted by Picasa

3 Posted by Picasa

monday night

2 Posted by Picasa

shirokiya hurrah Posted by Picasa

white bear  Posted by Picasa

monday night - the business men's party - so many presents!  Posted by Picasa

sunday morning

me asuka tomomi and malani Posted by Picasa

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