Monday, November 20, 2006

30 years on earth

Photos include: trip to hotsprings cove, Halloween ( we were a mad scientist and sidekick igor monster ) some randoms, and shots for school.

Well it was my 30th birthday nearly two weeks ago already. Its weird where you end up after 30 years. Its really not that long then its practically infinite. I guess the thing for me is that in a certain way every minute is independent of all the others so I'm always just becoming right now. When you think of it that way the whole sociologically constructed concept of age doesn't seem to mean much. The only thing about it thats real is that you are such and such a percentage through your lifespan. I mean a natural and un-interrupted lifespan that is. I think 25 was the last year of my adolescence anyway -the year I realized I would keep getting older and older till I disappear. I don't really have a problem with that now that my imagination of myself has extended past the glamorous years.

This autumn has been busy and rewarding. I have been loving my photography classes and I think I want to finish the whole diploma program at Langara. I didn't really love the product photography part, I really prefer to work with people. But since started working with people in my lighting class, I find its really holding my attention. Which is a difficult thing for me - I like practically everything so its easy to get distracted. I feel like I'm still unsure about the exact path I want to pursue within photography, but my technical skills have really improved which is a good feeling because it gives you the control to execute ideas.

Its been unusual weather this year.

Its snowing outside right now, freezing cold, and its been holding for days. Before that was intense rainstorms which led to our drinking water getting mud in it, and before that a long stretch of warm clear weather. I can't say what it means, but I admit i love the drama.

Back to my birthday - the highlight was definitely the trip Blair and I took to hotsprings cove ( my birthday present from him ). We went to Tofino and visited Neal for a few days, then took a float plane there ( amazing!) and stayed on a bed and breakfast boat eating gourmet meals and being entertained by Shawn, our gracious host. And the springs! yes there was that. They were gorgeous, right on the coast, you had to walk 25 minutes through the rainforest along a board walk, then there they were open to the ocean, a flowing waterfall carrying the hot water into little tide pools which were empty of sea water when the tide was low. As the tide started to turn you could be in a pool with hot water coming from behind and freezing ocean water coming from the front. Glorious. I couldn't think of anything I would rather do for my birthday. There was almost no one else there, just a lone camper the first night, and 3 swiss people who joined us on the boat the second night. Mmmm wish it was still then instead of now.... We went twice a day every day and once again the morning we flew out.

Then on my actual birthday we had a foot rally and small party at mom and dad's house - a good throwback to the old school birthday... and Myles and Rachel made me a great cake with the 3 decades portrayed in classic contorted jellies and marzipan. Jenny and Nan came up from Seattle which was great - the only thing I was sorry about was the people I wished could have been there- but you can't have it all can you...

So hard to get around to writing on this - I think because so much is happening I don't have time to update properly and regularly ... ah well. The truth is I really only write this for the benefit of a few people. And it would be nicer anyway if I made them packages and sent personal letters. Maybe one of these days. Not in good touch with anyone right now... I really miss you all!