Thursday, April 05, 2007

The 1st Annual Absurdist Spring Teaparty

So I think the tea party was basically a success. It really went exactly as I'd hoped, apart from the fact that there were obvious missing faces I would have been happy to have there - including Myles, Zoe, Rachel, Skye and Stephen, and the list goes on... We had 7 kinds of tea, chocolate covered radishes, a cake with salamanders and money baked into it, parachute men from the ceiling in the living room, jujubes from the ceiling in the solarium, a photo booth room, games like - find the most buttons, pickup the most feathers using giant utensils, bunny bunny ( with absurd punishments for screwing up) and the highlight of the afternoon - the boat race game. Not to mention classic surrealist movies playing constantly, a screening of "What's for Dinner" and " Melon Murder Madness" ( courtesy of Fermented Films) and the creation of a Borat imitation video which was submitted to Much Music that very night hours before the deadline. Looking forward to next year!