Monday, September 27, 2004

monday afternoon

So I can hardly get myself to do anything here Im so excited to get to Montreal on friday. Ah...10 days is going to go so fast though. a Beam of sun is striking me right in the face. wish I didnt have to teach in 20 minutes. would like to laze around and take a few photos. These photos below are from Andrew's housewarming party on saturday. Its weird that he lives in Skye and Stephens old house. I love the one of nami yoko and the robots.

nami, yoko and the robots  Posted by Hello

nami in the fridge  Posted by Hello

chi chan, andrew and hirohito  Posted by Hello

andrew on the keyboard  Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 16, 2004

school days

so I've started this series of portraits of all the teachers at one of my schools. I spend so much of my time at work, probably more time than Ive spent anywhere else in Japan - well I guess other than in my bed... anyway its weird taking photos of people you've seen so much over two years, but sometimes have barely even talked to. I never realized the things I noticed subconsciously until I started taking photos. Now I realize that so many expressions or poses that people chose for the photos are really typical. I look at them and think ' he ALWAYS sits like that!' at least about the people who are in my office. Some of the others I literally dont know their names still ! ( embarrassing, but since this is my second school I have never been to a party with them so there is no way I could know them unless I toured around chatting which I am too shy to do) I love the one of the agriculture teacher holding the flowers ! he looks so adorable. Im exhibiting the series at the school festival in October - the 16th and 17th. I hope they all turn out well. I am rather nervous taking them because I dont know many of them, and its hard to get them to be comfortable because I dont feel my japanese is good enough for that.
But its really interesting. I wish I could go around taking portraits of people everywhere and making little books with them in it. I guess I could do it - but I will have to wait till I get home. Too difficult with the language thing. Utterly daunting actually. Luckily at school I have captive subjects....

kimiko  Posted by Hello

rei laughing  Posted by Hello

music students  Posted by Hello

the office  Posted by Hello

ogawa sensei laughing  Posted by Hello

hiraide sensei blinking  Posted by Hello

ni nenseis  Posted by Hello

miyajima sensei  Posted by Hello

miwa sensei  Posted by Hello

empty classroom  Posted by Hello

another agriculture teacher  Posted by Hello

in the greenhouse  Posted by Hello

home economics teacher  Posted by Hello

hiraide sensei with toys Posted by Hello

chicken outside the physics teachers office  Posted by Hello

akane sensei laughing  Posted by Hello

agriculture teacher and student  Posted by Hello

Monday, September 06, 2004

webcam self portrait 5  Posted by Hello

webcam self portrait 4  Posted by Hello

webcam self portrait 3  Posted by Hello

webcam self portrait 2  Posted by Hello

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