Sunday, September 05, 2004


whoa this is the second earthquake of the night! happening right now! maybe Im weird, but I kind of like it. it feels so surreal. plus its not really that big - so its not scary but everything is shaking. Malani just called and told me to turn off my gas line. good thinking -that wouldnt have occurred to me at all! thanks Malani. Apparently Mt. Asama is going to erupt - at least according to the news. how exciting! luckily its not too near here though.... oh yeah - these photos are the first ones i took with my new Nikon D70 - Im very pleased with it - though i have to download the english manual. Its amazing being able to change iso from photo to photo -and of course to be able to edit as you go. On the other hand I have a bit of a problem with that ontologically -it changes my relationship with what Im photographing. in a way I dont like being able to delete , because its erasing something from the world exists, even if it only exists for a brief moment. abortion for photography. If you never brought it into existence in the first place, its one thing, but once you have, it feels a little bit wrong to then hurl it back into nothingness. But it is certainly going to be cheaper. It all comes down to money sometimes. sad. I think I should aim to minimize the amount of deleting. I dont want to be taking twice as many photos just to make sure I get a good one. I want to get the good one from the get go. Get it got it good. though actually I havent used it very much so far. It was a monsoon rain today and i wasnt in the mood to venture out.
ok really. must sleep.

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