Thursday, September 16, 2004

school days

so I've started this series of portraits of all the teachers at one of my schools. I spend so much of my time at work, probably more time than Ive spent anywhere else in Japan - well I guess other than in my bed... anyway its weird taking photos of people you've seen so much over two years, but sometimes have barely even talked to. I never realized the things I noticed subconsciously until I started taking photos. Now I realize that so many expressions or poses that people chose for the photos are really typical. I look at them and think ' he ALWAYS sits like that!' at least about the people who are in my office. Some of the others I literally dont know their names still ! ( embarrassing, but since this is my second school I have never been to a party with them so there is no way I could know them unless I toured around chatting which I am too shy to do) I love the one of the agriculture teacher holding the flowers ! he looks so adorable. Im exhibiting the series at the school festival in October - the 16th and 17th. I hope they all turn out well. I am rather nervous taking them because I dont know many of them, and its hard to get them to be comfortable because I dont feel my japanese is good enough for that.
But its really interesting. I wish I could go around taking portraits of people everywhere and making little books with them in it. I guess I could do it - but I will have to wait till I get home. Too difficult with the language thing. Utterly daunting actually. Luckily at school I have captive subjects....


John B. Smooth said...

great set of pictures. I took time to enjoy them but didn't really look into your site. Are you a proffessional photographer?

rhya said...

i love these pics akg!
great protraits.

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