Wednesday, June 30, 2004

how does this work?

Ok I am still having serious problems getting this program to work right. How do a get a link up? It seems easy, but then nothing appears on the page. I guess I am just stupid about this kind of stuff....

This is me and my sister. Why are they phasing out real photo booths and replacing them with horrid digital versions? The print club booths are one thing, but the passport digital booths suck suck suck - who wants 4 photos of exactly the same picture with rather bad resolution compared with real photo booths...

I found this really rad website

today - - all the weird stuff about japan you ever wanted to know... there are lots of sites that seem to say that, but the ones I have found always seem to be written by people who lived here for about 6 months so they didnt really get that far... The stuff about 'the return of the yamamba' should not be missed. If you have not seen yamambas before - take a look - they are like california barbie clown monsters. Zoe and I followed one in Kyoto for a while to see where she went .. .. though we tired of pushing through the humid crowds eventually and let her go about her business...

The other photo is of my river. Its one of the nicest rivers in the whole world and has a road than runs alongside it that is as roads were meant to be and never are. a tiny highway with underpasses so you dont have to stop all the time and so narrow you feel like you are almost driving through fields - the grasses swarm around the car and the headlights illuminate the smooth concrete in a surreal way. The road is all windy and you feel like you are moving at the same pace as the river, and you can barely see the town at all.

delightful. and it ends up at the lake I was talking about a few days ago.

If those photos seem random, they are - I just put them up to try to figure out how to do it.
I guess thats all for the moment.
I have to make canada day cookies to take to school tomorrow.
yum. but sad I dont have the day off. Not that i ever took part in many celebrations anyway besides the fireworks. Canadians dont appreciate enough how Canada is practically the greatest country in the world. Sure there are great things in certain countries, and Canada doesnt seem so exotic - but for one thing Canada is so young - we havent had much time to develop strong traditions ( though its really unfortunate that the europeans almost obliterated the amazing traditions that were in Canada before they came...) anyway all in all Canada is really a great place to live. So no, I dont know why I am still in Japan. Maybe just to get enough perspective to really enjoy Canadian life when I get back. Whats that quote that always comes up in intercultural organization handouts? ( it is a good quote) something about 'we shall never cease from our exploring until we come back home and know it for the first time?' Edward someone or other... sorry for the inaccuracies !

Ok I have to go to Appleland before it closes.



rhya said...

do i ever love the blackberry diary!
you rule my sweets...this is awesome!
As for links within an entry, i just highlight the word i want the link to apply too and then hit link button that is up with the other options(where the bold and italics button are) And then i just paste in the web address into where it tells me too..and should work. Sometimes you have to fool with the web address, and make sure it is full with the http included (atleast i think it needs to be included)

As for the links with in my blog, i have to remind my self how i did it....i am very lucky to have a cute techno booh at my side....he has helped me with a ton of stuff.

much love

arielkg said...

Hey Rhya - thanks so much for looking. I really do love reading yours - though Im sorry I never leave comments do i.... and thanks a million for explaining the links setup thing - I got it - and now that last entry seems a bit weird... whatever...
Love your poem by the way. mata.... Ariel