Wednesday, October 20, 2004

ugly modelling montreal

so this was the 3rd installment of Ugly Modelling - ta da! this ridiculous night out where we find the most atrocious outfits possible , not to mention cheapest, and try to convince people we are serious - dead serious - about our fashion statements. Actually noone really gave us a second glance in Montreal ( not like Kerrisdale!) but we had a fantastic time as usual. I think the winner of this year's worst/ best outfit goes to Myles with the quilted brown lounger suit, mint green kneehighs and red spandex runners. But Skye Lee was a close second in those pink pants and office lady blouse. Zoe's jacket was pretty bad, but it is not visible in any of the photos that the print is all of board games - risk, uno, monopoly, etc. Her pants were incredibly bad though - I forgot about those. Sweatpant overalls. Terrible. just terrible. all in all everyone did well, if there was any trend to this years showing, it was probably hosery and also marked the first year we tried involving a random stranger. This lady was a nice french lady with dogs walking near the tennis courts. I think she was a little wary at first, due to our freakish appearance, but she no doubt chalked it up to the folly of youth and was won over by our charming grins ( see photo for evidence) and probably also Skye's fantastic french skills and mind blowingly
adorable dimples. We wrapped things up with an appearance at an odd cafe of the variety that attempts to appear upscale in a way that both impresses, but doesnt intimidate, people who dont normally frequent such places, but feel maybe they will start from now on. An independent cafe that feels like a chain, yet has a jazz trio play wednesday nights, ( which was the reason we went there - to see the fabulous Spencer Day! play sax) charges a lot for its eclairs, and has tacky curtains. All in all it was perhaps just the right sort of place for us to make an appearance. We baffled them ( the staff etc.) only slightly, which is probably the most baffling kind of baffling, and the cafe itself baffled us in much the same way.

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