Thursday, January 27, 2005

january 27th after midnight

well here are about a million photos from the past month and a half. here I am still in Vancouver - what a strange time this has been. the photos from christmas and new years, the portraits of people over the holidays, the shots looking for grandpa jacks gravestone for 30 minutes, the aquarium, the santa con and the taboo revue, the snow days, and a few now from these sick days. looking out the window to the wet streets below - waiting for my stomach to heal, smelling the scent of a hundred flowers in my bed dreaming strange dreams where days are destined to repeat over and over, drawing and reading, remembering japanese sometimes, remembering japan sometimes, shiny apples and duck slippers, trying to sleep though new photographic ideas flash before my closed eyes, whipping me into a frenzy of anticipation... life is collapsing in as a feather blanket, then floating up again on the tail of a marmalade cat, when the tide goes out whats going to be sticking out of the sand this time? here I get another round of moony distance from the moment, a simultanous through occupation of the centre of things while at the same time casually ignoring myself.
my hands smell of 3 things at once- I suppose the cat sees them all clear as layers of a sandbank on the edge of dallas rd. and still the christmas tree stands in the living room - feeling its overstayed its welcome no doubt. ducks on the table, a quiet room down the hall.

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skye said...

oh wonderful wonderful ari you're back posting photos so we far away don't have to miss you so much. not quite so much, anyway. though really the photos make me miss you more.