Sunday, May 15, 2005


well, I was going to put photos from todays opening of my tea ceremony sensei's new tea house, but I realized I forgot the battery charger at her house and there isnt enough juice to download them. grrr. oh well. so I put some more from the last few weeks in Tokyo and Kyoto instead. I keep thinking Im going to write something on this, but then when it comes to doing it, I just dont feel like it. Hmm.. well, not that much has happened since Dad left after the fantastic visit I had with him. This weekend I was super busy - went to Tokyo yesterday on the 630 am bus, checked out this seasons Design Festa with Dane - there was some pretty interesting stuff actually - and we met some cool people too - though its hard to say if anything would come of those brief meetings. Its definitely better to exhibit if you want to meet people - two years ago when I exhibited with Angus we met quite a few cool people who I've stayed in touch with. Today I also had to get up really early - I had to be at Eiko Senseis house at 8 - we served tea all day - it was really fun - kind of like being in a play or something. Tomorrow back to work already... luckily wed thurs fri is exams so I am not exactly busy.... Oh yeah - I'm going home soon! Buying my tickets to Toronto / Montreal this week - I am getting so excited.... Ok time to sleep ....

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