Tuesday, November 15, 2005

test shots

I am toying with the idea of plant portraits for the show at the Ayden Gallery in January. The theme is personal space, but the show is more about decorative / functional art than conceptual art. I don't really know where that line is, or what it means. Im not even sure I will end up being in this show because I don't know if the theme appeals enough to me. I guess I could just put any ' pretty pictures' in it, but that feels so random. But most of the photo series I do end up being the kind of thing people don't want to ' put on their walls' . I don't know about these plant shots either though- I was thinking a kind of ' plants for people with no good light and/or inclination towards caring for them' I think photos of plants would certainly brighten up a room better than no plants at all. But its also sort of tongue in cheek. Maybe I shouldn't be ironic at all, but I just don't know how to approach it otherwise. As for the cat, Joey loved the lights so much he was the perfect subject....
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