Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tagged! Happy Valentines!

So Rhya tagged me, and I guess that means I am supposed to say a few specific things about things?

Its been nearly a month since I wrote on this! Have been so busy. well... maybe my answers will reveal a bit of whats been happening.

4 jobs I've had....

1. Lifeguard - I guess I lifeguarded on and off for about 6 years at quite a few different pools including Victoria Commonwealth Games Pool, Toronto Hart House, and London England, Peckham Rye Pool. Ah, so many hours of staring at water and keeping my mind in a state of roving focus.

2. English Teacher - 3 years in Japan - this job was not busy enough - especially in the first year. I did get into it though, especially by the end, the best was reinacting english movies on video with my students. Imagine 15 year old girls performing the "Huggies Robbery Scene" From Raising Arizona ( If you haven't seen that movie, go rent it right now )

3.Sales Girl at the PNE - for lipstick that changes to the best color for your skin tone - this was only for a few weeks right after University - but over the years I have done quite a lot of pitch work - it's lame in a lot of ways, but fantastic in others because its such an interesting perspective. Its like the building block our whole society is built on. Convincing people to buy things from you - only this is the old fashioned direct way. Advertising is no different - even your Dentist is trying to upsell you. Plus you see a lot of fucking weird people.

4. Admin Assistant at the Specialty Gourmet! This is my new job with Marina and so far its really great. Not that our work is super interesting in and of itself ( check it out )
but our office has such a great energy and I really don't mind going to work at all in the morning - ( well apart from having to wake up ) Today was a bit ridiculous though - I was working alone for what was supposed to be the 3-4 hr shift and locked myself out..... it sucked. I was wearing a t shirt and had no money, no key no phone. Luckily for me i didn't get stuck in the building ( which is loaded with key card access points ) and the nice girls at starbucks let me use the phone to wake up Marina.... ( a big sorry M!) Then they even gave me a free coffee while I waited for an hour. So stupid. I got pretty stressed out there for a bit... Well, i will never do it again!

4 Movies I watch over and over....

Hmmm I don't tend to do that very much - so here are some I plan to start watching over and over

1. Cry Baby ( actually I used to watch this over and over when I was about 13 )

2. Before Sunset / Before Sunrise

3. Together ( Hilarious Swedish movie you should see )

4. Spirited Away

4 Places I've lived

1. Zeballos - a tiny logging / fishing / mining town on Vancouver Island's Northwest coast - I was born here actually

2. The Greek Island of Paros - very nice place. I lived here when I was 4 and haven't been back since I was 6. Why? I don't know. I've been longing for it ever since.

3. Chino city - Japan - I lived here for the last 3 years - I miss it.

4. Vancouver - I lived here in my own house for about 6 months with Zoe and Skye before I went to Japan - ah those Main St. days... But now I'm going to be living here again ( in my own house ) starting on wednesday! Well, its 95% sure anyway - Blair and I are moving to 1st and Commercial. I wanted to be back on Main St. again - but this is a pretty nice place... two bedrooms, the top floor ( 4th ) back corner suite facing south west - skylight and gas fireplace, washer drier dishwasher, and my favorite - a solarium at the back. Can you tell I'm excited? And the distance from Main st. just makes me more determined to get a scooter again and then it will be just a five minute jaunt. We even have underground parking!

4 TV shows... well I almost never watch TV but... when i do....

1. The Simpsons always makes me happy

2. I have been watching 24 - although I don't really like it to be honest - but my parents watch it and I get sucked in

3. Seinfeld also always pleases me ( they don't have to be current TV do they? )

4. I want to watch " The Prisoner" and "The Office" which are both british TV shows - oh yeah and what was the name of that crazy show Rhya brought at New Years.... I forgot. It was bizarre.

4 Vacations.....hmm... lets see -

1. Australia - up the east coast ostensibly on a surfing trip with Zoe

2. New York - with Marina in my last year of Uni - I saw " Sensation" at the Brooklyn Art Gallery

3. Dublin - with Angus at the end of my time living in London - we visited David - an old friend of mine, went out drinking all night and ended up with the worst hangover I've ever had which we assauged with watching EastEnders all afternoon ( not particularly soothing in my opinion ) Those Irish have a reputation for a reason!

4. France - for 3 months with my parents when I was 6 - we stayed in all these big rental chateaux - I have good memories of searching for " petit fours" - although Zoe almost drowned when we were staying in Champagne.

4 Dishes I love

1. really good lentil soup

2. I have to agree with Rhya - Marina's or her mom's enchiladas

3. Skye's bamboo shoots

4. My dad's bacon wrapped date appetizer. Oh and Pancakes made by Blair. I guess thats 5...

4 Sites I visit

1. Rhya, Skye, Malani and Kimiko's blogs

2. Craigs list ( yes I'm a bit addicted I admit )

3. Google Maps

4. um... I don't even think there is another site I regularly visit! How boring!

I think a new category should be added to this list - actually two - books I love - and things I've made recently.

4 books

1. The Brothers Karamazov ( Dostoevsky )

2. If on a winters night a traveller... ( Italo Calvino )

3. Borges' fictions

4. Midnight's Children ( Salman Rushdie )

5. Oh well, 5, - Iris Murdoch - The Sandcastle ( Its good to have a woman author in the list )

4 things I've made lately

1. Some drawings for my new blog with Rhya!

2. A two minute movie for the Portable film festival preview ( link to come later )

3. A japanese feast ( along with Malani )

4. Backstage video part of a documentary on a burlesque festival here in Van

Well, I think that might give an idea of things I've been up to.

Many things to do still! Happy Valentines Everyone!

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rhya said...

yeah to new drawing blog.
ariel, i must lock myself out of everysingle place i own keys too on a daily basis.

it is always stressful...and annoying