Friday, March 10, 2006


This morning it was snowing wet snow, snowing down on the twin trees outside my bedroom window. I woke up early since the Skytrain closes when it snows too much and Blair needed a ride to his first day as a boom operator on a cbc show called 49th and main. When I got back I went straight to sleep again, and by 9 the sun was glinting off the snowy melting roofs across the street.
I took a photo of snowy rivers running through the lane.

approaching somewhere

the birds fly over the east side in the late afternoon. I see them from the skytrain windows, I watch them and think of how nice they will look through the windows in the solarium at home.

approaching nowhere

approaching outerspace........

" I never really imagined life past that point you know..."
" if I had 20 million dollars in my pocket... well.. but I don't" " a whole world of nations is right here in our city" " why all this talking, when it doesn't matter, when you open your mouth you miss the point" " why all this thinking, when thinking self tells knowing self, what knowing self already knows" " the coast the coast the coast is clear today"


skye said...

happy housewarming!

arielkg said...

I miss you! I wish you could come and see my new place. Don't have the internet there plus have been dead busy - thus haven't talked in ages... soon...

rhya said...

also big congrats on the new place.
glad to hear you are all moved in and everything worked out for the best.
hope you are getting all settled.
can't wait to see the place.