Thursday, March 15, 2007

Always the Photographer Never the Bride or the Bridesmaid...

Well, I have taken photographs at 3 different weddings, in 3 different provinces within the past year, and they have been enjoyably different from each other. I thought I would post some photos that I like from these special events. Skye and Stephen's wedding was first - in September along the St. Lawrence in Morrisville Ontario near the Quebec border - a very gorgeous Canadian Wedding. Next was Jen and Mark's in Winnipeg Manitoba in December - also very Canadian in a totally different way! Probably the most traditional as well. Finally Becky and Norm's just this past January here in Vancouver BC - the most unusual as they run a Burlesque Troupe - she's the creative director / performer and he's the producer. Most of the guests were punks or dancers or performers of some kind. And it was just down the street from my old place on Main St. at the Heritage Hall. Shooting weddings is kind of stressful - I think its better to do it with a second shooter - its just really hard because you often feel like you should be in two places at once. Still, I enjoyed doing them even if they were challenging.

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