Thursday, November 04, 2004

autumn day off and halloween

so wednesday was a national holiday and I drove up to yatsugatake ( the mountain about half an hour from my house ) and took a bunch of photos. The weather has been amazing this past week - ideal fall weather - warm in the day, chilly at night, crystal clear, and the leaves glowing fantastically in the crisp air. sure, its cliched, but how fantastic is that... also halloween photos - today was the last of my halloween events - the party at Chino high. I had fun, but Im glad Halloween is over. Here in Japan its more work than fun to be honest... still the photos from Shiojiri on saturday came out pretty well. Im starting to get a little nostalgic now - that was the last Halloween party at Japanese high school... the year is flying by. I want it to go faster, but at the same time I know Im really going to miss life here.

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