Tuesday, November 16, 2004

day before 28

So I guess Im almost 28 now. Thats what the calendar seems to suggest. In fact today is the last day of 27. At least over here. back in Canada I have two days to go. Hm mmm years all have their own character I think. 28 is sort of a modest year I feel. I always thought that 27 was the year to get famous - and if you hadn't made it by then it wasnt going to happen. So maybe I never will be. Not that being famous is my big desire - but still as the years tick by you cant help feeling like it would be great to do something that influenced people in a meaningful way. But I can't say I'm too devastated by the approach of 28. 27 has a charmed ring about it its true - and, my 27 was charmed for sure. Probably on my list of best years. I think the best years so far are probably - 4, 11, 17, 23, and now 27. But I am not really so sad its over - lately quietly intense things seem a lot more interesting than they used to. And as for fame, I think 27 and famous is such a tired old cliche. In fact, it would be so much more stylish to be totally unknown your whole life, but then to suddenly get wildly famous at 72 ... I think thats going to be my new aim. That way maybe I might have time to get to the point where I actually deserve to be famous....


rhya said...

happy birthday airy you are a superstar in my books.

today i was thinking the same thing about age and fame, or climbing some ladder of success...especially since i have sort of taken some steps backwards in regards to "work", but at the same time taken giant leaps forward in regards to mental well being and happiness.

You have affected my life my dear. Just thought you should know. You are a character now in my script, you are passed through lips and over tongues, in story and through photo, and you are breathing vibrance over seas.

have a wonderful day.


skye said...

happy almost-birthday ari!