Tuesday, November 23, 2004

my teapot collection

the new one Posted by Hello
so this is the new teapot from Skye for my birthday - 3 of my six teapots are from her actually. I like this one, I like all of them. This one feels like a fall teapot for some reason. The first one my mom bought for me at Shuuji's shop in Fujimi - its the biggest one, the best one to use for black tea and if more than one person is drinking. The second one Skye gave me for my birthday last year - its wooden and in the Matsumoto style I think. The third one I bought myself at a second hand shop - but I have since decided that its actually a sake teapot. Its also iron like the first one. The 4th one skye gave me for easter - it has the best pour of any of them. a curve of liquid comes out that I cannot easily describe. are need more math words or something to explain the angle and grace of a curve that gives you a delicious shiver... the 5th I also bought myself at a different second hand shop - for some reason I think its a chinese style but I might be mistaken. it has matching cups. and the new one is so low to the table, its sort of graceful like a cossack dancer. and that flower looks like camellia but I might be wrong. One day I will go to Russia and collect some Russian tea ceremony pots. Skye has told me she is going to give me a teapot every year now for my birthday. Im lucky because she travels a lot and hopefully over the years I will get pots from India, France, England and as yet undreamed up places. Do they have teapots in Egypt? Easter Island? Madagascar? Iceland? Hopefully I will make it to those places one day. Or Skye will at least.
Tea ceremony doesnt use teapots though. I am enjoying Saado ( tea ceremony) more and more. There is a word in Japanese that mean ' the sound of the wind through the pine trees' - Shoufu - in tea ceremony they say that ideally the sound of the water gently boiling in the sunken kettle should resemble that sound.
When I go home I will hold a tea ceremony in which I will probably do everything quite wrong, but luckily noone will notice any mistaken details. Maybe we will have an english tea as well and drink orange pekoe from the china cups from mom's collection. Home for Christmas soon. soon.

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