Saturday, July 10, 2004

good girls and bad girls

The difference between these sets of students can be immediately observed by noting hair color. The good students who study hard and are nice and come to class on time have natural black hair. The bad girls who put on makeup in class, send emails to boys in class, show up late, and are always trying to avoid getting caught smoking have unnatural brassy orange hair as a way of marking themselves as bad girls. Im not saying I support this, but what's their english teacher who barely even speaks their language going to do?
In a way I respect the bad girls because the are sexually defiant in a country where modesty and demureness is what women are supposed to be like. But at the same time they rebel against that, but then don't seem to do anything else. I like the nice girls a lot actually - or these girls in particular. They do cool stuff like play in the band and actually try to listen to me in class. Ah the roles of women and girls are so often either or. Conformity or non-conformity and both are a pain in the ass. Because neither of them is really just doing what you want to do and find interesting. Of course there are plenty of exceptions to that - plenty of inspiring women -and there are hundreds of little exceptions to that in everyone. But even so, its so hard to get away from behaving within that context of societal expectations. Especially here. But I won't go into that now....

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rhya said...

Ok...the poem below was beautiful!
just outstanding.
secondly...check out this site:
this guy has a photo a day journal...he has been doing it for a few years and it is pretty fantastic.
as are you.