Wednesday, July 28, 2004

schools out for summer

cucumber's are perfect here. perfectly crispy. Im eating them with delicious hummus. a delicious after running dinner at nearly midnight... oh well. Lately I can run fast again - not as fast as when i was 10 and could beat everyone in my summer soccer camp, boys and girls, except one 14 year old boy - but I can sprint again and I remember how much I loved sprinting when I was smaller. Im listening to Beck 'Sea Change' its weird cause when I first bought it it depressed me and i never listened to it. But the reason its so sad is because the lyrics are so mournful, but the music is contented and beautiful - the combination of which is so wistful and longing for happy times. But since I am so happy these days I dont really connect with the lyrics and just find the music smooth and light and ripe. Though I do feel rather sorry for Beck. My favorite song is ' Lost Cause'. So poignantly heart wrenching
a stripe of grass green, a stripe of white
a stripe of grass green
this delicate flag of the night is
curtains in the window of my opposite neighbour
the new house
the one that blocked my view of the mountains
But I don't really hold them against it.
Everyone has to live somewhere.

and I still can hear the crickets
and I still can see the summer grasses out the window
a guitarist played with chords at the lake tonight
while I lay barefoot on smooth, well cared for rocks
staring at the brightest star - and sometimes the others too
alternating between thinking of him and not thinking at all
When I leave this place I will shed many tears.

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