Wednesday, July 07, 2004

me at photo booth

I really like taking periodic photos of myself in photo booths. I like that no one takes the photo. It seems more objective. The first year I came to japan I did a project where wrote myself a postcard every week and took a photobooth photo and taped it onto the postcard. I thought it would be interesting to watch myself age over about 10 years. But I got sick of photos of me. So I stopped the project. But I still think the ones I have are pretty interesting. Weird. Its a strange kind of journal to keep because your future self is always getting mail from your past self - and the photos a week are weird because I dont look very different from photo to photo in one way, but in another way I really do. well. I think the postmen here thought I was nuts.
I really have to go to sleep now.

me at a photo booth tonight  Posted by Hello


rhya said...

airy your hairy is so longy!
it looks beeeautiful.

rhya said...

so weird, i just posted a comment but it did not stay up...strageco. just wanted to say that you look lovely.

rhya said...

last one i promise...have you ever checked out this guys photo diary...i saw a show of his at pikto a while back...he has taken a photo a day...for a few years is AMAZING and really interesting: