Wednesday, July 07, 2004

ugly modelling part 2

So I just came across this photo again recently and I had to post it since it is so funny. Its my brother at the Main St. Conveni ( some people might be familiar with that shop) at about 2 am two summers ago. We not only did a whole ' fashion shoot' in there at that hour, but we also got the the on-duty guy to be in it as a moral enforcement officer.... Ugly Modelling is a project which we have so far had 3 installations of - the premise is to put together the worst and most bizarre outfit and 'pull it off' through sheer model attitude - oh yeah and also walk around town baffling anyone who sees you. Actually the main street edition didnt really baffle anyone ( there was noone around at 2 am and main st. has its share of weird people) the third installation ( last summer) which took place in Kerrisdale ( upper middle class neighbourhood) was much more hilarious. We got every customer and staff member in Blockbuster to stare in shock at as as we walked past.

ugly modelling part 2 - main street conveni  Posted by Hello

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